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This beautiful circa Easter 1960 Kodachrome color, silent film, was shot by an amateur filmmaker. It crosses the line between a professional documentary and a home movie, in that it is impressively put together and extremely well shot. It features impressive views of Manhattan. Dating on the film is not 100% certain but the Janet Leigh film "The Vikings" seen advertised at 6:49 was released in 1958. The film "Portrait in Black" with Lana Turner seen advertised at 7:00 was...
Topics: Stock Footage, High Definition
This short film produced by Academy Films (most likely in the early 1950s) serves as an informational film for those who have never flown on a commercial flight before. The film follows the Martin family as they arrive at the airport ( 00:10 ) for their flight to New York—TWA flight 376, aboard TWA’s Constellation airliner (the Lockheed Constellation is a propeller-driven, four-engine airliner built between 1943 and 1958). The film reveals the passenger experience, as well as...
Topic: Stock Footage
M.C. Migel Memorial Collection and Library
by The New York Association for the Blind
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40th Annual Report, 1946, Lighthouse Log, The New York Association for the Blind
Topics: Rehabilitation, Labor and Employment, Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Prelinger Archives Home Movies
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Late 1960s, 8 minutes, black and white: Children play in the street in the Bronx on hot summer days: Bicycling, tag, hopscotch, a fire hydrant; the maker and the children are affiliated with St. Pius V Catholic church and school; school buses and supervising nuns, and schoolyard play equipment are shown.
Topics: Bronx, 1960s, youth, children, games, church, Catholic school, nun, fire hydrant, bicycle,...
Prelinger Archives
by Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions
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Shows the varied forms of communications used by commercial air carriers in confirming reservations, preparing aircraft for flight, monitoring aircraft in flight and maintaining air-to-ground contact. With good imagery of passenger airline operations at the moment when air travel was just becoming a mass phenomenon. Director: Leo Rosencrans.
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Topics: Communication: Radio, Communication: Telephone, Aviation: Commercial
“The burning of the American flag is one of the most disrespectful things you can do.” -Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL @DomRasoJr. #NRA Flames of Hatred
Topics: videobot, archiveteam, twitter,, 961652301713760257, NRATV, #NRA, NRA
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Made in 1963, this travelogue of New York shows the "sightseer's paradise" with its man-made wonders.  It features views of the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry, the Port of New York including a shot of an ocean liner, the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Chinatown including the Chinese New Year Parade,  Mulberry Street and the Lower East Side and the "sidewalks of New York", Washington Square, the Woolworth Building, Chrysler Building and the Empire State...
Topic: Stock Footage
Educational Films
by British Broadcasting Corporation. Television Service; Time-Life Films. Multi-media Division
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Title from producer's catalog
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Topics: Vietnam War (1961-1975), Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Ephemeral VHS
by Spinnaker Software
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"You are there via actual footage of dogfights, bombing raids, strafing runs, and planning sessions."-- description from box.
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Topics: vhs, aircraft, vietnam war
Source: VHS Panasonic AG-1980>Panasonic DMR-E30>CDR via OSX
by Gli Anni 70
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Greenwich Village Story by Jack O'Connell shows the Village in the early sixties, teeming crowds in Washington Square Park, impromptu hootenany sessions, beatnik poets reciting by candlelight in coffee houses. Scenes are picturesque and germane to Jack O'Connell's tale of young love and desire for a place in the arts in Gotham. The film was invited to the Berlin, Venice and Locarno Film Festivals. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Trash i rifiuti di New York (1970) - Paul Morrissey"...
Topics: Youtube, video, News & Politics, Greenwich Village Story, Greenwich Village, Jack O’Connel,...
Community Video
by Edouard (Yves) de Laurot
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This is a copy of the Edouard (Yves) de Laurot film, Listen, America! . A description of the film, and link to a version posted to YouTube in January 2016 is available here:
Topics: Counterculture, 1960s, Hippie, Chicago Democratic Convention, 1968, Pentagon, protest, 1967,...
Keith Lindie Archive
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Video footage of an Yankees v Washington game, likely from the 1960s in NY. Item Label Text: Washington game & Yankees NOTE: No date on this item, though it is likely from the 1960s, possibly 1970s. This assumption is based on the dates for other items in the collection in this format. No location is included but it is likely from NY. Item does not contain audio. Footage copyright by Keith Lindie and this item is part of the Keith Lindie Archive. All rights reserved.
Topic: Baseball